Thursday, October 9, 2008

Night Jasmine and Mandevillas

We are making progress...with work and life, things seem really slow. Everyday we get a little closer to our current goal of getting started! Please send good energy our way! We need it!

About 15 years ago, Lynn and I went to visit Bellingrath Gardens in Alabama. There was a very graceful and lovely 90+ year old guiding the tour. She had spoken to me aside and when the entire group was together, she proudly stated, "These lovely young ladies drove all the way here on the High-10. How daring!!! Let us give them applause!" Lynn and I were touched and floored! We have always remembered her for that and also stating, quite emphatically, "Life is grand when the mandevillas are in bloom!" I think she's the reason why we often give mandevillas as gifts and always have a few around...This is our yellow one on the gate. Tonight she is blooming quite exquisitely!

As I walked with the dogs tonight, the sweet smell of jasmine followed us. Our neighbor, Annie, inherited the jasmine with her house, but somehow it smells sweeter with her and Dennis there. After dark, when we arrive home, it is the first thing to greet us-sweet smells and a feeling coming home. We are so lucky!

Lynn goes back to the doctor tomorrow and Saturday is our garage sale! Goodbye to stuff that we no longer need. We've managed to give away the things that held sentimental value or fond memories. It's amazing how much stuff we have that we don't need!