Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just How High are the Hurdles/how many are there/are they over yet???

In my head, I've viewed the month of October as a series of hurdles to be cleared prior to the actual/physical renovation work.
Packing up all the stuff in the house. This has been relatively easy - tape up a box, insert stuff, tape box, add to the mountain in the living POD room.
Preparing for and holding garage sale. Preparation hurdle very time consuming and more physically challenging. The actual sale was such a nonevent. We almost put more stuff in Jean's car than what we sold! Bridge House has a lot to pick up on Monday.
Delivery of frig and dishwasher. In my next life I want to return as a delivery person. They only have to deliver our appliances to the curb - not inside the house. We've been working on a potion to magically levitate our appliances up the steps and into the house. Monday should be interesting here on Bell St.
Rocking Chairs and Desk. Travis and Tricia also share our love of antiques and family. They are to become the treasurers of 2 rockers that Dad to beautifully and lovingly restored for me many years ago. They have to juggle soccer, work, travel, and life to get here to pick up soon.
Treadmill. Need to keep our contractor in good shape and help declutter our soon to be living space - have to find time to move a treadmill.....
Moving old Fridge. - only way out if the front window/door in the living room. Need to soon move furniture in front of this exit. Timing is everything. Been feeling like my timing chain is definitely off!
Lucky Bags. 600 bags to be done and only 200 completed. Tick, tick, tick ...

Individually these all seem very simple tasks. Collectively they just seem to get higher and higher. And for all who know me, I couldn't even jump over a paper clip if I had to!
What I am constantly remembering is that together we can do anything. Laura, Sophie, family and our wonderful friends and neighbors have constantly been lifting me up and over each of these hurdles. Boy I can't wait for Stacy to take and keys and the controls!
New to blogging,