Sunday, February 1, 2009

We Gotta Have Faith!!! It's February 1st

As a long-time and passionate Saint's Fan, those of you that know me well, know that it takes a lot for me to lose faith in my boys...I sit through bad play-calling, misreads, missed tackles, stupid mistakes, and lots and lots of lost games! I never give up! I know that before I die, the Saint's will go to and win the Superbowl! I even imagine a 16-0 season! I believe in faith and believing in something! Something even as silly as a football team!

Yes, I cried when Deuce made his last touchdown as a Saint. I boo-hooed when we had our first game in the dome after Katrina. I cry most of the time when we win or when we lose. I know I will cry when we can move back to our house and once again make it our home!

Here we are, February 1! As Sophie says, "28 days to go and we can move in!." Like me, she believes that we will be back home by March 1.

We have a short month to go and what looks like a lifetime of work! I have faith that my boys can do this...and we won't have to wait until next season!

Have faith! If you are religious, pray for us! If you are a pagan, have a drink for us! If you are an atheist, do whatever you do when you hope for something! If you are a skilled craftsman, show up at 2819 Bell Street and offer your services!