Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Look into the light...or LET THE SUN SHINE IN!!!

The temporary wall in some way impedes the view (especially in pictures...however, it is spectacular! The very large support beam was being constructed and going up possibly today.
This is the view from the KITCHEN!!!!

Another view of the temp wall and Lynn reacting to the view!
We are also excited because on another leg of our journey, we are once again within (and a little under) our budget!
We were able to shop for our bathroom stuff (showers, faucets, toilets, etc) and for both bathrooms, we are $4 under budget!
We are very, very proud that we are able to control our usually expensive taste in stuff for the house.
We also went to the Bank (awesome)(http://www.thebankantiques.com/ ) today on the way to get Sophie and Haiden from school. For $75 we will have our mantle (pretty sure original to the house-square,hand-forged-blacksmith-looking nails) stripped! can't wait to see what is under all that white paint!
Framing is well underway, but over the next few weeks, things may get boring...plumbing and electrical is not nearly as exciting as DEMOLITION!