Friday, February 13, 2009

Walls and Rehab! A great combo!

Stacy and Rodney are hard at work putting up WALLS!!!!!! While our house has been rehabilitated, renovated, and renewed...Lynn has been getting some of the 3 R's herself!
She goes to a very fun PT center called Superior Rehab in Metairie! Don't be fooled...these beautiful, smiling faces can inflict a lot of pain! Donna and Chelsea smile BIG for the Blog!

Speaking of inflicting MIKE!!! He would have LOVED the Inquisition! He is an awesome therapist and he keeps Lynn working very hard to get better!

Our mantle got dipped at the bank! It had several layers of paint on it! Now it is all natural and beautiful!

Kitchen walls...

More kitchen...

And even more kitchen!

Rodney inspects the insulation.

Very pretty insulation!

Sophie's bathroom walls and the laundry nook.
Sophie's shower.

We are getting there! Thanks for your encouragement and support!
Happy Valentine's Day!!! We love you!