Monday, December 15, 2008

Shiny Copper Pipes and Pretty Yellow Wiring...

We are approaching month 2...

We now have new plumbing and wiring in our house. The boys have re-designed the 2 bathrooms and things are clipping along quite nicely.

Lynn went by today for a temporary pause in observation of the reno activity. Her surgery is tomorrow! We are excited and nervous, but are looking forward to a 2009 that is filled with long walks and NO PAIN!!!

The blog will suffer. I should turn it over to Stacy because he not only Blogs, but has a complete website ( Check it out! He is quite talented and all of the writing and photography is Stacy’s.

Don’t give up on us. I will keep as much posted as possible and hopefully, before 2009, I will have more pics to post.

Thanks for keeping in touch,