Thursday, October 30, 2008

We have a new address...

Oy! What a week…wait, I mean month!!!

We did it-we are gone pecans from Bell St. for the next (fingers crossed) 16 weeks…

We’ve had a rough couple of months with Lynn’s legs and then last week, Sophie gets sick (she's doing better now) and I had a toothache that requires a "re-treatment” of a root canal. In non-endodontist language that means, the first root canal was not done properly, so all this pain now is free! GO figure! You usually have to pay a lot of money to make your mouth hurt this much! It was so bad that Wednesday, I actually took a ½ day off work!

It was the day we had planned to move and Lynn was reluctant! She said it could all wait until the weekend! Well, being the bulldozer that I can be (Yep! You heard it right, “BULL-DOZER”), I told her, “No! We will move today. We will stay on schedule. We will do this!!!” It was kinda funny because I said it all with that after-dentist numb lip talk…so it was more like, “Wa wi do dis!!!”

What we’ve learned together is that you have to look at your challenges, your obstacles and just decide if you are going to let the difficulty define your life! Yes, it would be easier to wait until the weekend, or the end of next week, or after the holidays-but what do we want??? We want to complete this renovation…that means we have to start! Last night, Lynn was a bit happy to have a bulldozer for a partner! I can such a B****, but in a really “aw come on way”, that I can usually talk Lynn in to anything! We were stressed, we were confused and frustrated and scared…but by 8pm last night, we were snug as bugs in rugs in our new temporary home! The animals were settled, Sophie was in her new bed, and Lynn and I were glad we’d plowed through another major obstacle towards our goal!
Impatience is not a bad thing sometimes!

It’s so strange, but last night as I left the Bell St. house for the last time of the day, I was so sad. I will miss it so much, with all its’ flaws, holes in the floor, leaky doors, squeaky doors, that awful kitchen, and the unkempt backyard and the patches of incomplete concrete…our wonderful neighbors, the sounds, the noise!, the quiet, the smells, and the smiles.

We are on our way! It’s sooooo exciting!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

ISL Fest is over...back to reality

Sophie and Lucy at ISL Fest (Lucy is almost 11 weeks old)

This weekend, we shared great weather and even better company at ISL Fest. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful extended family at Sophie's school. Haiden performed on Saturday and Julie brought her on Sunday to spend the day! Sophie climbed the rock-wall several times and ran a booth by herself on Sunday afternoon after a parent was in an accident...Overall, it was a nice weekend...and the Saint's won! It was a great break from all the work that has been done over the past few weeks.

Now it's back to planning, packing, hauling, and just getting on with the renovation!

Happy and Wilson discuss how many gray hairs we will have by January...


Here's to not being afraid of hair color!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Advice from the refrigerator repairman...

You know those appliances we rec'd that were the wrong model numbers??? Well, the fridge door was damaged and needs to be replaced...

The guy came by early today to say that we need a new door and we should not get it replaced until "like 6 months from now when the workers have gone." He said, "The contractors are going to break things up."

Let's hope the advice from the fridge guy is not necessary! Maybe it's just me, but I don't see Stacy and Rodney flinging plaster around or losing their grip on the sledge hammer...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives...???!!!

Our Contractor, Stacy!

Tala says, "Ogle umm da." That's baby-talk for "yipee!!!"

Today we paid the first installment of our renovation!!! OMG!!! We are sooooo nervous and excited!

Stacy met with us and really made us feel better about the whole thing!
After we met, he fell asleep thinking about all the work we were offering him!!!!
We didn't wake him because we figured that he needed a "BIG SLEEP" before he begins work next week!
I hope he still does the job after this post!!! I promise to have a picture of him awake put in at a later date!!!
Wish us luck, pray like hell, and keep up with our blog!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

KeKe and KoKo Sophie and Lainey

As we go to sleep tonight, we have one more week before we move to our temporary home in Metry.
Sophie is getting sick (I think it's just the change of weather funk), my asthma has been kicking me around, and Lynn's legs are painful and weary on good days...We are pitiful!

The puppies went to the beauty salon today for a treatment before the big day! They are so nervous about all the boxes...I promised Deuce a photo shoot tomorrow!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Did I mention we were making baby steps??? Well, we are now toddlers!

Today, our nephew, Travis, picked up some of our very favorite pieces of furniture: two rockers and a large barley twist desk. Each held special memories for us.

The chairs were reclaimed and totally restored by Lynn's dad, Wilson. They are breathtaking and quite spectacular. I have a thing for chairs and I love rockers...these were my favorites, I think b/c they are such a wonderful pair (and Wilson made them).

The desk is a gorgeous hunk of solid oak with 3.5" barley twist legs. Awesome. Lynn and I purchased it at auction when we had our shop. We bought it at one of our favorite auction houses and it was a super buy. We've used it to hold our TV, computer, pictures, and finally as a regular desk.

Travis and Tricia share our affinity for the old, used, and special funiture that we try not to collect.

Lynn and I are so funny. We really LOVE our stuff. We hold it close and care for it and just love it. Then, it seems, the pieces we love the most, we give away. We just say, "We've loved this 'thing" long's time for it to go!" And off it goes for someone else to love it!

No pics for my friend, Erin...Maybe Travis will post a pic or two?

All is packed but Sophie's room...and our clothes!



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blooming Cacti on Bell St.

Tonight on Bell St., a very special event occurred...a group of neighbors gathered together for a drink. That's not the special event b/c that happens daily---sometimes more than once a day! The special event was Joe's spectacular bloomin' cactus plants.

They are glorious and beautiful! Worth going outside on this beautiful night to gaze upon!

How will we ever survive 4 months without our Bell St. neighbors?


Monday, October 13, 2008

You are now entering...The Prozac Zone!

Lynn and I are not on drugs, but sometimes we act like we are. For example, today, 2 appliances were delivered by freight. It took 4 of our neighbors to unload the appliances, take off the doors, big production...only to realize that BOTH appliances were the wrong ones! Neither of us really even reacted!

I was at Children's Hospital. Lynn called me and I calmly asked her to check my email for the number to "" She called and we are now waiting for a supervisor to contact us! We've kinda decided to just keep what was sent to us, even though they are not what we ordered!

We are so calm, I feel like somehow we've been given drugs, or possibly rec'd lobotomies and were unaware...Here's to accepting whatever comes our way, whether or not we asked for it!

Serenity Now!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just How High are the Hurdles/how many are there/are they over yet???

In my head, I've viewed the month of October as a series of hurdles to be cleared prior to the actual/physical renovation work.
Packing up all the stuff in the house. This has been relatively easy - tape up a box, insert stuff, tape box, add to the mountain in the living POD room.
Preparing for and holding garage sale. Preparation hurdle very time consuming and more physically challenging. The actual sale was such a nonevent. We almost put more stuff in Jean's car than what we sold! Bridge House has a lot to pick up on Monday.
Delivery of frig and dishwasher. In my next life I want to return as a delivery person. They only have to deliver our appliances to the curb - not inside the house. We've been working on a potion to magically levitate our appliances up the steps and into the house. Monday should be interesting here on Bell St.
Rocking Chairs and Desk. Travis and Tricia also share our love of antiques and family. They are to become the treasurers of 2 rockers that Dad to beautifully and lovingly restored for me many years ago. They have to juggle soccer, work, travel, and life to get here to pick up soon.
Treadmill. Need to keep our contractor in good shape and help declutter our soon to be living space - have to find time to move a treadmill.....
Moving old Fridge. - only way out if the front window/door in the living room. Need to soon move furniture in front of this exit. Timing is everything. Been feeling like my timing chain is definitely off!
Lucky Bags. 600 bags to be done and only 200 completed. Tick, tick, tick ...

Individually these all seem very simple tasks. Collectively they just seem to get higher and higher. And for all who know me, I couldn't even jump over a paper clip if I had to!
What I am constantly remembering is that together we can do anything. Laura, Sophie, family and our wonderful friends and neighbors have constantly been lifting me up and over each of these hurdles. Boy I can't wait for Stacy to take and keys and the controls!
New to blogging,

Friday, October 10, 2008

Deuling Infants of Prague

My altars are put away in the empty china cabinets!
The large and medium Infants of Prague are in a face-off in the tall china, while St. Anthony (St. Antny, as I said growing up!) listens and while the Mary Santos looks a virgin!
What a strange little house we have!
Several people have told me that they can't post comments. I think you need a gmail account...not really sure! Don't give up! I still feel like I'm talking to myself!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Night Jasmine and Mandevillas

We are making progress...with work and life, things seem really slow. Everyday we get a little closer to our current goal of getting started! Please send good energy our way! We need it!

About 15 years ago, Lynn and I went to visit Bellingrath Gardens in Alabama. There was a very graceful and lovely 90+ year old guiding the tour. She had spoken to me aside and when the entire group was together, she proudly stated, "These lovely young ladies drove all the way here on the High-10. How daring!!! Let us give them applause!" Lynn and I were touched and floored! We have always remembered her for that and also stating, quite emphatically, "Life is grand when the mandevillas are in bloom!" I think she's the reason why we often give mandevillas as gifts and always have a few around...This is our yellow one on the gate. Tonight she is blooming quite exquisitely!

As I walked with the dogs tonight, the sweet smell of jasmine followed us. Our neighbor, Annie, inherited the jasmine with her house, but somehow it smells sweeter with her and Dennis there. After dark, when we arrive home, it is the first thing to greet us-sweet smells and a feeling coming home. We are so lucky!

Lynn goes back to the doctor tomorrow and Saturday is our garage sale! Goodbye to stuff that we no longer need. We've managed to give away the things that held sentimental value or fond memories. It's amazing how much stuff we have that we don't need!



Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Boxes and bubble Wrap and Tape! Oh, My!

we are packing up!!!

I can't believe how much stuff we have!

We are having a garage sale this weekend and hopefully by Sunday, have less!

Speaking of having less...Sunday, on the way to get MORE BOXES, I got a speeding ticket on Airline Hwy. I hadn'e gotten a ticket (just lucky) in years! I made up for lost time! 60+ in a 40! Did I mention, Officer Knight was a STATE TROOPER!!!!???

All is OK! I didn't need that extra kitchen cabinet anyway!

Send us all your good wishes and energy...we need it!


Saturday, October 4, 2008


People are so funny! Complete strangers, if they hear you are renovating, the first thing they say is, "Dawlin', whateva they tell you, double the time for completing the job!" We are not doing that!

We feel strongly that Stacy and Rodney will do a bang up job in record time! Just to prove everyone wrong, we want to finish on time, if not early!

One person said to us, "Umph! You'll be lucky if it less than 6 months that you are out of your house!" Well, all we can say to that is, "You don't know us!" We have done everything to have this job go smoothly! All appliances are purchased, the cabinets and countertops are waiting to be ordered, and we are buying as many fixtures and other stuff, so when the boys are ready for it, it will be there.

In the meantime, we are packing up. Pretty much, everything is packed but the bedrooms. We are having our garage sale next weekend to have some breathing room around here. Jeanie is getting her space ready for us. We went there today and set up Sophie's bed. It is going to be so great!


Friday, October 3, 2008

Thank you, Lynn!

Today after work, I met with Kimberly at Armstrong kitchens. Lynn encouraged me to meet with Kimberly and really go through the kitchen design, tweak it, and sort of finalize the basic design.

I did and it was so much fun! Kimberly is very patient!

I chose cabinets and a countertop that we both love. No pictures for Erin! I want some things to be a surprise! The cabinets are sort of traditional and the counter top is quartz. Lynn and I chose the perfect pulls and I tentatively indulged myself in a glass-front corner cabinet! We'll see of the budget can handle that in 6 weeks...

Thanks if anyone is reading this. I feel like I am talking to myself!



Thursday, October 2, 2008

As we begin this process, it is Saint's season and it is, as Sophie says, "The month of Halloween!" She gets her love of fall and Halloween decorations from me!

These are 2 areas of lucky bag storage in the hall. Each bag contains 100+ small choking hazards, 50 action figures, 25+ miscellaneous toys that no child really wants, and at least one toy a child does not realize his/her parent has given away!

KoKo is expressing the feelings of all the animals, as he sits on his perch, very unhappy about the boxes and the turmoil going on around him. I think he is staying on the perch so we can't pack it! (KeKe, Deuce, Zoe, and Lizzy are equally confused and unhappy about boxes in the house!).

This is our wonderful sidehall! It is going away in the renovation. The wall of windows on the right will be the only wall on that side of the house. We'll miss the great gallery for our Jazz Fest posters. If we don't have wall space for them in the "new" space, some of you might get them as gifts!

This is Sophie's closet. It will expand in the renovation!

This is the "study." That's code for the room that is supposed to be a third bedroom (only according to realtors and extremely tiny people), but is really only good for a chair and a desk. It will be the Master Bath.
This is a blurry picture of Lucy, our friends', Andree and Ben's, baby. She is sister to Lainey and Zachary. She is so cute! She can also help us, along with seasonal pictures, chronicle the blog. Lucy is now 7 weeks old...let's hope the renovation is over before her 1st birthday!

My friend, Erin, is a pro at blogging. She has a great blog that chronicles her wonderful life. It has hits from around the globe...she inspired me to blog the renovation (or anything!).

I decided to add a few pictures to the blog to fill in the blanks for some of you...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Baby steps!

These are the two areas that have been cemented! It look so neat and ...well, done!

About 5 months ago, we contracted with someone to complete some cement work around the house. We planned this long in advance of the renovation, thinking it would make it easier to haul things out of the house during the demo, for a work space for capentry, etc...well, 5 months came and went and the only thing we had in the space where cement was supposed to be was overgrown grass!

Today, the cement guy showed up and completed about 1/3 of the job! We are very excited that the cement might actually be finished by the time we begin demolition!

I also want to say, "Thanks" to everyone that has commented on the blog. I have no idea what we're getting into, but I do know, that no matter what, we know and love a lot of very good people!

We love you guys!