Saturday, October 18, 2008

Did I mention we were making baby steps??? Well, we are now toddlers!

Today, our nephew, Travis, picked up some of our very favorite pieces of furniture: two rockers and a large barley twist desk. Each held special memories for us.

The chairs were reclaimed and totally restored by Lynn's dad, Wilson. They are breathtaking and quite spectacular. I have a thing for chairs and I love rockers...these were my favorites, I think b/c they are such a wonderful pair (and Wilson made them).

The desk is a gorgeous hunk of solid oak with 3.5" barley twist legs. Awesome. Lynn and I purchased it at auction when we had our shop. We bought it at one of our favorite auction houses and it was a super buy. We've used it to hold our TV, computer, pictures, and finally as a regular desk.

Travis and Tricia share our affinity for the old, used, and special funiture that we try not to collect.

Lynn and I are so funny. We really LOVE our stuff. We hold it close and care for it and just love it. Then, it seems, the pieces we love the most, we give away. We just say, "We've loved this 'thing" long's time for it to go!" And off it goes for someone else to love it!

No pics for my friend, Erin...Maybe Travis will post a pic or two?

All is packed but Sophie's room...and our clothes!