Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Lynnz new car!
Haiden at 9!

Sophie and Tala
Computer is internet...will post more later!

Jennifer's beautiful Patron gift!
Haiden's Birthday Wedding Cake The girls-growing up!
Thanks so much for all the encouragement to get back on the blog! I've missed it!

Three weeks of jury duty and fridge art are real blogging killers!
The jury duty was the most difficult thing I've ever done in my adult life. I still can't really talk about it without being sad and very upset, but it is what it is and I have to somehow accept it and grow from it.
Fridge Art was awesome! ISL is the greatest school in the world for our family and I just hope that our little bit of work goes a long way to helping the school. It is fast becoming quite the social event...there were many local artists there, a few who's who among NOLA "Cultcha" and tons and tons of beautiful people. The best part of my third and final year as chair is extremely symbolic to me. It is ISL's third year on Camp and back from the storm, our Patron Artist, Jennifer Schumacher's third year at the school, and Jennifer's patron gift was a series of 3 refrigerators! So cool! My family was wonderful neighbors were there, my artist friends that were donors, my work friends, my best was so so so special to me. Thank each of you from the bottom of my heart! If I did not feel so loved and supported there, I would have been more weepy than I was! I will dearly miss that work! It is food for the soul.

Thanks to our WONDERFUL ISL FAMILY of FRIENDS! We love you, love you, love you and no matter where we all roam, may we always hold on to the ISL diaspora spirit! We love ISL and all the richness it has brought into our lives and all it has given Sophie as a person! Her life and ours are forever changed by our experiences there! Thanks especially to my dear, dear friends that support me no matter what, you know who you are (XOXO)! I love you!
Enough about Fridge Art! I could talk about it for a long time! I want to give a blow-by-blow of the past three weeks besides my civic duty (jury duty) and my passion (Fridge Art)...everything else!!!!!!! Enough self-indulgence...maybe not!
My friend, Erin's baby is a MONTH old and I haven't see him in person!
Sophie got straight hair and glasses! Haiden turned 9! I made my first WEDDING CAKE...and Sophie helped! We have walls and a painted room on Bell Street! Sophie is going to sleep-away camp for 2 weeks this Summer in Rockville, Illinois! Jean and Becky have been so patient with us! I've picked up 2 new kids and am administering LEAP to 2 4th graders this week...a far cry from last year when I had a 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th grader!!! My 5 LAA-1 (LEAP alternative test) students finished testing a few weeks ago! And...we got a new car! It is a used Saturn Vue, black with a working A/C!
I've attached a ton of pics that reflect everything I've just told you about!
Enjoy them, be in touch, and know that we love you! The house-re-warming is around the corner!