Thursday, October 30, 2008

We have a new address...

Oy! What a week…wait, I mean month!!!

We did it-we are gone pecans from Bell St. for the next (fingers crossed) 16 weeks…

We’ve had a rough couple of months with Lynn’s legs and then last week, Sophie gets sick (she's doing better now) and I had a toothache that requires a "re-treatment” of a root canal. In non-endodontist language that means, the first root canal was not done properly, so all this pain now is free! GO figure! You usually have to pay a lot of money to make your mouth hurt this much! It was so bad that Wednesday, I actually took a ½ day off work!

It was the day we had planned to move and Lynn was reluctant! She said it could all wait until the weekend! Well, being the bulldozer that I can be (Yep! You heard it right, “BULL-DOZER”), I told her, “No! We will move today. We will stay on schedule. We will do this!!!” It was kinda funny because I said it all with that after-dentist numb lip talk…so it was more like, “Wa wi do dis!!!”

What we’ve learned together is that you have to look at your challenges, your obstacles and just decide if you are going to let the difficulty define your life! Yes, it would be easier to wait until the weekend, or the end of next week, or after the holidays-but what do we want??? We want to complete this renovation…that means we have to start! Last night, Lynn was a bit happy to have a bulldozer for a partner! I can such a B****, but in a really “aw come on way”, that I can usually talk Lynn in to anything! We were stressed, we were confused and frustrated and scared…but by 8pm last night, we were snug as bugs in rugs in our new temporary home! The animals were settled, Sophie was in her new bed, and Lynn and I were glad we’d plowed through another major obstacle towards our goal!
Impatience is not a bad thing sometimes!

It’s so strange, but last night as I left the Bell St. house for the last time of the day, I was so sad. I will miss it so much, with all its’ flaws, holes in the floor, leaky doors, squeaky doors, that awful kitchen, and the unkempt backyard and the patches of incomplete concrete…our wonderful neighbors, the sounds, the noise!, the quiet, the smells, and the smiles.

We are on our way! It’s sooooo exciting!