Thursday, November 6, 2008


Rodney and Stacy The Dynamic Duo!!! Rodney and Stacy are so awesome. Their skill and vision and ability to make something new out of something very old, while respecting and maintaining the integrity of the space is so incredible to me, to us.

The best birthday gift to me today was the EXPOSED fireplace...completely exposed! It is beautiful and looks so ready for the BIG stove! I hope everyone is hungry, b/c in a few months, a whole lotta cooking will be happening! That will really be the best gift ever, to cook for everyone again!

One of the coolest findings, besides the old high school ring, was the old wallpaper on the barge board. There were 2 layers of paper, one 19th century, the other, early 20th century. The walls under the paper were covered in burlap. To think that the earliest residents of the house had the barge board and a layer of burlap between them and the elements...

There were also graffiti marks on the newer paper. Drawings and scribbles in paper. The word, "mama" and a bird were the most discernable.

The bird

Our old closet.

Our old bathroom.

This large hole above the window was to vent the wood burning stove 100 years ago.

The fireplace on the dining room side.

What will tomorrow bring?!