Friday, December 5, 2008

The ugly pink chair...

My mom had this ugly, pink-crushed velvet, Channel Back, Queen Anne antique chair. Lynn and I always knew it had great potential as an awesome chair!

After 16 years of talking about it, we had it re-covered in animal print. Yes, an animal print...leopard, even! My Mom would have loved it! We do!

My mom used to sit in it at our house. It was the only comfortable chair for her. Her knees would not allow her to sit in a lower chair or a sofa. We wanted to keep it, but the pink color just did not go anywhere we put it. It has lived in the living room of the Bell Street house, quite happily, in the corner untilo about 8 weeks ago...we went to Faubacher's on Oak Street. Just unbelievable! This piece of furniture will live on as long as there is someone to sit in it!

The beauty of old things...they can always become new again!

It was going to live at our neighbor's, Annie and Dennis, for a few months, but then we realized that Lynn needed a chair for PT after her surgery. It's perfect! And will be a great addition to our old-new house!

It's just awesome!


Pipes, wires, and termites, Oh, My!

Stacy and Rodney have finally finished fishing out all of the rotted, spliced wires from the attic and under the house. The plumbing is all gone and now they work to re-create it all-newer and safer!

It's amazing, when you are in an old house, you are the recipient of every previous owner/occupant that fixed a pipe with crazy glue, spliced an electrical wire using duct tape, and seemingly had little regard for their own safety or the safety of others...

Stacy said that we were a fire waiting to happen! Amazing!

We are so, so blessed to be able to have this work done to make our house better and safer. Lynn and I, as I've said before, always, always want to leave a place better than we found it...and this time, it is for keeps. We hope to never, ever leave our little Bell Street Side-Hall Shotgun...ever.

We want to share many meals, many laughs, many, many good conversations in our home with our friends and family. We are on our way and we are so excited! Still! Impatient...but excited!