Monday, October 13, 2008

You are now entering...The Prozac Zone!

Lynn and I are not on drugs, but sometimes we act like we are. For example, today, 2 appliances were delivered by freight. It took 4 of our neighbors to unload the appliances, take off the doors, big production...only to realize that BOTH appliances were the wrong ones! Neither of us really even reacted!

I was at Children's Hospital. Lynn called me and I calmly asked her to check my email for the number to "" She called and we are now waiting for a supervisor to contact us! We've kinda decided to just keep what was sent to us, even though they are not what we ordered!

We are so calm, I feel like somehow we've been given drugs, or possibly rec'd lobotomies and were unaware...Here's to accepting whatever comes our way, whether or not we asked for it!

Serenity Now!