Monday, December 22, 2008

Twas 3 Nights Before Christmas and ...we need an update!

The past few weeks have been quite exciting... We had SNOW!

Sophie met a few snow people on Canal Blvd!

The Bell Street garden looked pretty in snow!The rooftops had visible snow the next morning!

We have a shower in Sophie's bathroom! The one-piece would not fir through the door, so we had to get a 2-piece.

Rodney models it for us!

The kitchen is all plumbed...I guess that's a word...

Then there's the fireplace! OMG, the fireplace!!! It is so cool!

Stacy works to get all the old plaster off!
And we also got a black awning over the side door. We have always had a very complicated problem with that door. We hope the awning will help!
Other than all the house stuff, Lynn is on the mend. She is beginning to move around a little. The surgery and hospital stay was long enough! We are hoping this recovery is permanent!
We have a busy holiday planned and we will be wishing everyone well as we end 2008!