Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Plugging away...

As the weeks roll by, we are all plugging away at our respective jobs. Rodney and Stacy are fixing and creating our dream house. Lynn is preparing herself for her second knee surgery (12/16), Sophie is tolerating us ignoring her hints about Santa gifts, and I am preparing myself, mentally, for the Refrigerator Art Auction (3/29 at the go on sale mid-February). I will shamelessly plug the auction from now until March 28! It is an important event for ISL and I am honored to play a part in making it happen.

I digress...Rodney and Stacy are working very hard to make our house functional, safe, and beautiful. Everyday, Stacy checks in and gives us an update on what new "treasures" they've found and how we get rid of them. Old houses hold the craftsmanship or stupidity of every previous dweller. In our case, it appears, Curly, Larry, and Moe once owned an electrical business and used our house as a training ground...the only difference between our house and a Three Stooges episode is our house isn't funny! Stacy and Rodney are great and almost 6 weeks into this, we are all still happy!

Lynn...her surgery is nearing, as is her pain and anxiety about it! She had to stop anti-inflammatory meds and most pain meds. By the weekend, she should be in major pain. One of the nurses I work with suggested a nerve block! I wish it were that easy. We are at the point that we (she) does not want another procedure...even one that might take pain away! Please keep her in your thoughts. As I did last time, I will try to email or text everyone after surgery.

Sophie is one the fence this year...she still believes, but I think she knows that Santa gifts are somehow connected to how much money her parents have. So many people have told us that she is pulling her leg, but we think she is still on the side of believing or being really, really not sure! We want her to believe, like us, until you have gray hair...if I have broken any bubbles or shattered dreams, I am talking about the Tooth Fairy...Oh. wait! She's real, too! Her name is Flossy!

Me. Fridge Art is pretty much my life from Jan. 1 until it happens. I am very passionate about this activity for many reasons. I love art, I love ISL, and I absolutely LOVE hosting a party-so Fridge Art is my very perfect social event. This year we have some lofty goals. I only hope we can reach them...people keep bringing up the recession and how no one has money. It's kind of a wet towel-reality, but I am choosing to ignore it. We will be OK.

Don't forget, Sunday, March 29, food, music, fun, and all to help ISL. Please join us!

I may not write for a while due to Lynn's surgery, but I will be back soon.