Saturday, November 29, 2008

Update: Month 1

As our first month of work comes to an end... missing walls...
missing floors...

and a heap of electrical wires...
We are so grateful for the work that has been done! It is a grand mess, but it is moving us closer and closer to our "dream" house!
Stacy and Rodney have expectedly encountered the unexcpected! We need all new electricity, all new plumbing, new walls, and all the fixins'! We are still on time with our timelines and as hard as these guys work, I wouldn't be surprised if we remain on-schedule ( and I'm crossing fingers and toes that it may even be earlier!).
We were able to go through all of our attic junk and organize it all! All of our attic contents were taken down to re-do the electrical and for insulation. We were able to make a few Bridge House runs, go through some old memories from my mom and dad, see Sophie's baby treasures, realize how many pictures need to go into albulms, and finally organize some of our Beverly Garden stuff that we moved to Bell street, but never unpacked!
With my life, January-March revolving around Fridge Art, being out of our house will be difficult...but we will survive. Lynn and Sophie have become very used to my craziness around this activity that is so important to me.
This past week, we were at our third house and we did OK! We all miss being home very much! As our first month comes to an end, we are homesick and hopeful and still very excited!

Thankful 11/29/08

Bella is 8!!! today!