Saturday, November 15, 2008

We bought CABINETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kimberly uses 3 calculators, a spread sheet, and an on-call accountant to figure out how much our cabinet order will cost. Then, there was the waiting for the Brinks truck to be available to take the check and all the was sort of like buying my first car, except a few dollars more expensive. My first car was a Plymouth Arrow (you remember..."Me and my arrow, taking the high road..."). It was silver and very cool and it cost $1600.00!Kimberly smiles after we write the check! Heh! Heh! If the whole "showroom" and tape measure thing is a ruse, Kimberly may be in Costa Rica as you are reading this!!? But seriously, Kimberly is so professional and thoughtful in her work. We were so lucky to have her help us make our new kitchen be the perfect kitchen for us.

Tala had a good time "helping" as we finalized the cabinet order...She was so funny all day. She is imitating everything! She has her daddy's sense of humor!The Cabinets are so nice! We hope that they help maintain the integrity of the original house. The pulls are not shown because they looked crappy in the pictures on the Armstrong site.

Rutledge Cabinet. Mocha finish on maple.

you can view it at As we have said over and over again...there will be a party in our new "old" house...if you are a blog will know when it will be!