Thursday, February 26, 2009

Steady progress and updates all around!

Mardi Gras has come and gone. Our girl can't get enough of it! I think she definitely has a Laura, Sr. (Maw Maw) gene for the Carnival fever! Her favorite was Muses because she had some very special attention from our friends, Liz (riding) and Gwynne (running). She even got a coveted SHOE!

She also LOVED the 2 days of fun with her cousins and marching in Les Enfants as a ninja (thanks, Ms. Andree) with Lainey!
Speaking of Ms. she is with Lucy. Many of you that are faithful Bell Street bloggers note that Lucy is now almost 7 months old and has a tooth!!!

And finally...our dear Erin...the most persistent blogger...on Mardi Gras Day as a Zulu coconut...and yesterday this is what came out of that coconut:

Frederick Charles, III

Oh, yeah! About the house...we are plugging along. Stacy and Rodney are still doing a stellar job...we hope to be be home SOON!
Love you guys!

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Colors of Bell Street revisited


The real colors of Bell Street are of neighborhood scents and smiles that we miss. The colors are flowers that continue to bloom despite neglect and inattention. The colors are Mardi Gras beads on a fence. They are a daisy that refuses to not bloom after a freeze. The colors are people and pets that we miss. The colors are what we remember and what we know of the place that we love.

The colors make us happy and sad at the same time. Hopefully, as we prepare to get back home, the new colors we add to Bell Street will be as beautiful as the ones that are already there.

Monday, February 16, 2009

"Colors?" you ask...

Lynn said that the colors had to be part of the big "reveal." You know, like on HGTV when they bring the poor saps back into the house...they thought they were getting French Country, but instead got some hyperactive, wanna-be decorators idea of a Spa Retreat. The BIG reveal!

The colors are nice. Nothing too out there. Since we are basically traditional/eclectic in our house decorating, you'll get more of that...only on straight walls with safe lighting! Like it used to be...only much, much better!

Walls are continuing to go up! Stacy is having fits with my under cabinet (we call it "ambient" to be fancy) lighting...and Rodney told us that part of our ceiling had no's like eating through a big box of Valentine chocolate...never know what you're gonna get!

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Walls and Rehab! A great combo!

Stacy and Rodney are hard at work putting up WALLS!!!!!! While our house has been rehabilitated, renovated, and renewed...Lynn has been getting some of the 3 R's herself!
She goes to a very fun PT center called Superior Rehab in Metairie! Don't be fooled...these beautiful, smiling faces can inflict a lot of pain! Donna and Chelsea smile BIG for the Blog!

Speaking of inflicting MIKE!!! He would have LOVED the Inquisition! He is an awesome therapist and he keeps Lynn working very hard to get better!

Our mantle got dipped at the bank! It had several layers of paint on it! Now it is all natural and beautiful!

Kitchen walls...

More kitchen...

And even more kitchen!

Rodney inspects the insulation.

Very pretty insulation!

Sophie's bathroom walls and the laundry nook.
Sophie's shower.

We are getting there! Thanks for your encouragement and support!
Happy Valentine's Day!!! We love you!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The very best things in life...

...are worth waiting for!

In my life, those things have been Sophie, meeting the love of my life, learning to really love others, and learning about what in life REALLY matters.

The house on Bell St. completed will be added to that list!

We are a bit behind b/c Stacy and Rodney want to do this job in a most excellent way. When we move back home, we want it to be the last time we have to move EVER AGAIN!

Lynn and I will be home for many, many, many years!

Patience is sometimes difficult to muster, but we can do it! Patience is a good lesson at any age! When we do move back home, it will be an awesome day!

With Fridge Art being just 7 weeks away,I have lots to keep me busy. Lynn is finding cool stuff, like a reclaimed door from the Green Project. Sophie is just keeping busy with school and listening to her iPod!

We will keep you posted. Sheetrock is up in Sophie's bathroom!

Keep sending good vibes our way!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

We Gotta Have Faith!!! It's February 1st

As a long-time and passionate Saint's Fan, those of you that know me well, know that it takes a lot for me to lose faith in my boys...I sit through bad play-calling, misreads, missed tackles, stupid mistakes, and lots and lots of lost games! I never give up! I know that before I die, the Saint's will go to and win the Superbowl! I even imagine a 16-0 season! I believe in faith and believing in something! Something even as silly as a football team!

Yes, I cried when Deuce made his last touchdown as a Saint. I boo-hooed when we had our first game in the dome after Katrina. I cry most of the time when we win or when we lose. I know I will cry when we can move back to our house and once again make it our home!

Here we are, February 1! As Sophie says, "28 days to go and we can move in!." Like me, she believes that we will be back home by March 1.

We have a short month to go and what looks like a lifetime of work! I have faith that my boys can do this...and we won't have to wait until next season!

Have faith! If you are religious, pray for us! If you are a pagan, have a drink for us! If you are an atheist, do whatever you do when you hope for something! If you are a skilled craftsman, show up at 2819 Bell Street and offer your services!