Thursday, February 26, 2009

Steady progress and updates all around!

Mardi Gras has come and gone. Our girl can't get enough of it! I think she definitely has a Laura, Sr. (Maw Maw) gene for the Carnival fever! Her favorite was Muses because she had some very special attention from our friends, Liz (riding) and Gwynne (running). She even got a coveted SHOE!

She also LOVED the 2 days of fun with her cousins and marching in Les Enfants as a ninja (thanks, Ms. Andree) with Lainey!
Speaking of Ms. she is with Lucy. Many of you that are faithful Bell Street bloggers note that Lucy is now almost 7 months old and has a tooth!!!

And finally...our dear Erin...the most persistent blogger...on Mardi Gras Day as a Zulu coconut...and yesterday this is what came out of that coconut:

Frederick Charles, III

Oh, yeah! About the house...we are plugging along. Stacy and Rodney are still doing a stellar job...we hope to be be home SOON!
Love you guys!


  1. Love the coconut! Keep your spirits up as you continue your own "This Old House" adventure. You'll be back soon enough.



  2. Love y'all.

    Hope you are getting in some good people watching and maybe some reading at jury duty.