Monday, March 2, 2009

Jury Duty, anyone?

I am serving jury duty this month from March 2-16.

Life is such an adventure!

I feel stressed not seeing my kids and with Fridge Art AROUND THE CORNER...Oy!

Progress on the house is going well! Hopefully we'll be home in no time!




  1. Do you know that I have been a registered voter since the age of 18 in New Orleans and have never been called to jury duty? Tim, who has lived in New Orleans only a few years (relatively), has been called twice!

    Any way you cut it, I hope y'all are back on Bell Street soon.


  2. It is really not so bad. The people are so so so so so interesting and different than my "usual" crowd. In many ways, it's like being in another country with people from your hometown...

    Life is an adventure!